We do agricultural virtual tour guide business offering informative and engaging virtual tours of agricultural landscapes, practices, and innovations in East Africa to clients located in Europe. Utilizing video conferencing platforms and multimedia presentations, the virtual tour guide provides real-time and pre-recorded tours that showcase the diverse agricultural sector of East Africa. The agricultural virtual tour guide draws upon their extensive knowledge of farming methods, crop cultivation, livestock management, and sustainable agricultural practices in East Africa . They highlight the unique crops, farming techniques, and innovative solutions employed in East Africa, showcasing the rich agricultural heritage and the latest advancements in the field. Through live video feeds, images, videos, and interactive discussions, the virtual tour guide takes clients on a virtual journey through farms, plantations, agro-processing facilities, and agricultural research centers in East Africa. They provide detailed explanations, demonstrations, and answer questions to offer a comprehensive insight into the region's agricultural processes, challenges, and success stories. The agricultural virtual tour guide business caters to a wide range of clients, including farmers, agricultural enthusiasts, students, researchers, and businesses interested in understanding and exploring the agricultural practices of East Africa. The tours can be customized to focus on specific crops, farming techniques, sustainability initiatives, or local farming communities, providing tailored experiences based on clients' interests.

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External Links Relevant for Agritourism
  • Growing Your Brand

    Training modules, tools and guides to help you understand your market and create a marketing plan.

  • A Guide to Successful Agritourism Enterprises (

    A comprehensive guide for starting an agritourism program, including information on assessing resources, creating a business plan, goal setting, record keeping and finances, as well as safety and risk management and marketing.

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Key Tools and Products

Extension Training for Agritourism Development

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The program teaches how to minimize farm safety risks, manage liability, mitigate financial risk, and improve marketing strategies. It features workshops, webinars, web-based resources, videos and factsheets.

Agritourism - An Overview

National Agricultural Law Center logo

The National Agricultural Law Center defines agritourism and provides background, examples, and related legal issues.

Alternative Crops and Enterprises for Small Farm Diversification

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Information about how to grow diverse crops, raise multiple animal species, or employ other techniques to minimize the risk of any farming endeavor.